Feeling Slynky

I'm sure people on the UK Atlantic coast have, like me, been enjoying the arrival of Autumn and the arrival of the first great swell. 

The air has taken on something of an Autumnal feel though so I thought it was time to roll out my new Slynk custom wetsuit, lovingly crafted to fit my Balinese physique. (When I say Balinese I mean that I have the figure of Balin the dwarf off of Lord of the Rings). 

My Slynk Wetty made me so happy my face inflated! 

My Slynk Wetty made me so happy my face inflated! 

So a bit more about it. This suit is amazing. Back zip (because I see through the chest zip sham) 2mm and lined with aero zirconium (AZ). AZ is a fuzzy lining which makes the suit super warm. Combine that with a custom fit and you wind up with a wetsuit that's super-duper warm! You will have seen AZ on parts of many a wetsuit but this one is for mat surfing and bodysurfing so I've had the fuzz put everywhere apart from the knees. 

My 3mm Slynk suit is so warm that this winter I'm planning to buy a hood and see how far through I can go. I suspect that I will ultimately need a 4mm with a hood (and yes, a chest zip) and that will be next on my list but you never know.

Oh, and not only does AZ make for a toasty suit, it also dries in about an hour, even when it's cold and damp. That is priceless in itself! Last night, I got out of the water at 7.30  pm. I hung my wettie in the back of the van overnight and when I put it on at 6.15 am today it was like climbing into a onesie. It took all my effort not to pump up a couple of mats and snuggle down for a kip!


Anyhoo, Slynk  come to us from Joanne Bennett and she can be found via the Internet at:


I don't usually plug stuff on this blog from other companies but Jo is a kindred soul, creating quality custom surfing hardware so get on to her and get one!