More Mats For Ya Buck!

Don't get excited... G-Mat's are still cripplingly expensive, although Stirling seems to be wobbling a touch (yes!). Oh, and they're still half the price of a custom surfboard so....

OK, now it IS time to get excited! I've just finished a pair of mats for ASB. These are the next step in a project that that we have been working on to develop the perfect surfmat for Rincon. ASB rated his last ones as "A+++" so it's safe to say that further tinkering is really about fine tuning.

G-Mats 43 & 44 (AKA "Accept Join Mr Torn III" and  "Accept Join Mr Torn IV"

Oh yeah... ASB still likes his mats black. He also likes them to breath freely with 200 denier decks and 3/4 grip patterns which both have.

Anyway, we have pushed out the width and accentuated the bottom contours a little on G-Mat 43 and pushed out G-Mat 44 a little more thus slightly accentuating to inside contour of the rail pontoons (thus reducing the hook) and slightly dropping the concave (although it still has a solid concave).

I can't wait for feedback on these and plan to build myself one once ASB finally hits the target.

Baited breath....