Warren's New Toy - "Max"

G-Mat 60 (AKA "Max")

Meet Warren Pfeiffer's newest ride named Max.

There are a lot of similarities between Max and Warren's previous G-Mat, Zeno

There are a couple of differences though.

Like Zeno, Max is a 200/70 Ute with slightly squarer back corners than normal to enhance the speed. However, the front corners have the more usual Ute template with a slightly larger parabolic curve to prevent them from catching.  Max also has a  Hestered Valve with the grip on the middle pontoon going a long way forward.

The final difference is the subtle elastic rocker. I really think I'm going to start doing these as standard. Shaped rockers are OK, but you notice them when you really need to get that top gear out of a mat with the excess fabric and the natural propensity for the mat to settle into a curve causing them to red line on occasion. The elastic rocker really is the best of both worlds. There when you need it and flat when you don't.

Anyway, Warren has another mat in production so won't be getting his hands on Max just yet as both will go out together, but I'm hopeful he enjoys Max.



Extended grip on the central pontoon.

Elastic rocker. There when you need it, flat when you don't.