California King - A Big Mat for Big Matt

I have just built a monster. This is "California King", a G-Mat Ute for the 6' 7" wookie that is Matt Pierce, OC mat charger. California King is Matt's 3rd G-Mat and this time he's going BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG!!!!!!!!

Matt asked for this 70/70 monster to have added grip at the nose to save unwanted separation, hence the snow-capped corners. This is a very lightweight mat  which has been scaled to fit Matt's colossal dimensions.

As you might expect, Matt has largely learned his mat riding on craft which are comparative travel pillows so this will be a new experience for him, which which may require some adjustment. I know he's relishing the challenge and I know that a rider of his immense talent will do it with ease.

I'm hopeful that California King will open up new waves for Matt.

This has been a real fun build and I'm really looking forward to hearing the feedback.


California King next to an average sized mat.

Matt and his Mat