Phileas in NYC

Well New Yorker, Tim Darwish tried his best but the US East Coast is a fickle lover (or so I'm told).  Here's what Tim had to say:

"My first try with Phileas was the windy day, I thought it was 25mph when I got home the weather report had the gusts at 45 mph, I wouldn't have taken one on my Neu's out in that wind! I got a couple great waves and wished it was on Phileas.

My second go went better but not well. I got to the beach and it was waist high at best but I got a couple nice waves and Phileas went really nice! Got one long ride and the mat really holds and lets you drift into a high line nicely, had that same feeling on three different waves. Jeremy [Grosvenor] and I were trying to meet up but I think the lack of waves didn't warrant a 2 hour drive for either of us. 

I wish that NYC had treated Phileas better, I just emailed Justin Valdez to see if he wants to take it out in the next couple days and then I'm going to send it off to Jeremy, I'm too busy right now to get out in the next week and then I'll be traveling so my time with Phileas is coming to an end.  I did take a couple photos today of my trip to Rockaway Beach on the subway and then I ran up to my roof and got as good a photo of #50 with the Empire State Building in the background.

 I really wish I had some good waves to get Phileas into, poor mat went from perfect tropical waves and water to cold, not too dirty NYC water."

Phileas sees the sights

So something of a blowout but at least Phileas got in the water at Rockaway, even if it wasn't photogenically worthy.

We checked with Justin but he's just to busy being Justin so Phileas now goes on to Jeremy Grosvenor. Tim is going to try to get hooked up so we may see some footage of him yet!

Thanks a lot Tim!