Back to Oz

So, after a diversion to NZ and then on to Sri Lanka, Phileas is heading back to Oz to hook up with Mark Jeffrey.

James has been hard at work adding his mark to Phileas and I'm sure you'll all agree that his work here is great! 

I love the way James has added a touch of colour to the existing artwork.

Don't forget, you can keep an eye on the journey on the Google Maps page:

On she goes!!!


Sri Lanka Update from James

Stoked to have word from James Tanner and Phileas who have been keeping themselves busy in Sri Lanka. Here's what James had to say:

Hi G

It's Lazy Left / Midigama / Sri Lanka. Photo cred Martin Dahlgren

James Tanner Phileas G-Mat Surfmat

Striking up conversation w. a holidaying Swedish family. The two excited boys shared a unusual story - unexplainable flying objects - a few days earlier, they observed a young couple, flying prone on waves, on couch cushions... Strange but wonderful.... At that moment Natalie and I brought out Phileas and inflated it for them.... explaining they'd in fact been watching us ride those waves on the 'surf mats'.

On that hilarious conincidence and the boys curiosity, we offered to help  them into a couple of waves. While Martin, the father, offered to take a few pictures for Natalie and me. We all had a terrific time. Especially seeing the photographic outcome. Everyone got some memorable rides.

Thanks G-force, Dahlgren family & Welligama for your hospitality.

Looks really fun! Fin free ain't for me but James and Natalie seem to be going OK with it!!!

Many thanks to Martin Dahlgren for the photos. More to come from James hopefully!. 



NZ with James Tanner

James Tanner Phileas Surfmat

So, it's been a while due to this and that so time for an update. Phileas is currently with James Tanner on the North Island of New Zealand. James is currently making some plans: 

"The salt water circus is here next [this] weekend. An alternative surf fest. so ill grab some photos of Phileas down there. 

Meanwhile Im heading to Sri Lanka end of the month. Where I'm going with another mat rider. So if you want me too, i can take over there...



Yes! Yes! We do want that!!!

So a detour before heading back to Oz. Sounds good to me!



James Tanner Phileas Surfmat