A Change of Continent

Phileas has had a change of scene, having left Indo and moving on to hook up with Charl van Rensburg in South Africa. Charl has had a low key outing already.

Charl Phileas 2.jpeg


I took Phileas out for the maiden voyage on African waters, in the Atlantic Ocean, today.Had a great time. Our coast was recently buffeted by a pretty severe storm, so the swell was big and lumpy, but today was completely windless.

I paddled out at a local spot called ‘Van Strand’ with just 2 other guys in the water. Caught about 7 or 8 waves. It was pretty solid ground-swell around 4-6ft. Even managed to make it into and out of a barrel on one. Paddling back out was a mission though. The waves were rolling in relentlessly.

Phileas rides super smoothly, hits the power-band and just goes. Wow! Something that was new for me was the grippy top deck. I’m used to moving around a bit on my mat, and maybe it was just the combination of the grip with my wetsuit, but it took some adjusting.

On the whole, it was a great experience and, while I unfortunately did not have anyone taking photos today + we were a few 100m’s out to sea, I’m hoping to get some video of Phileas in the water and other footage on my next surf which will probably only be next weekend.

Thanks for letting me share the stoke!


Looking forward to seeing what the weekend throws up!



Charl Phileas 1.jpeg