Long Sweary Lefts!

 Tom and Phileas have been getting about in the South Seas (do these count as South Sea?). Anyway, Tom has had some GoPro issues but tells a good yarn so here you go...

"Philias update. After a week scouting setups in Northern Borneo and the south China Sea without any sniff of swell, she's now in Sumba.  And she's working me. I'm stationed in front of a long right hander which I'm sure is excellent for mats but even small it's 4ft over reef and needs a fair amount of duck diving. Still haven't figured that out. 


 Cheers to everyone who gave me advice. Obviously I ignored it and have spent the best part of 2 days getting pitched, catching edges and failing to turn. Really hard to turn off the instincts learnt from years of hard board riding. Finally today I got in trim for the first time on a ledgy left. Got a bit of footage but will need to edit because it's full of expletives 🤣😖 great learning experience and feels so different. Fully stoked on it. Sorry for the frothy post haha"

Tom is hopeful of footage soon so stay tuned!  (Looking forward to passenger seat views of these beatings Tom! 😉)