A Little TLC

Phileas recently made a pitstop back at G-Mat Towers following her stint with Ian Wraith. Ian thought she needed a service and he was right! 


The grip was a state. As I think I've mentioned before, Phileas has been waxed by someone and then someone else has bravely attempted to top up the grip which led to a strange sticky goo! The only solution there was to get off what I could and plaster a thick layer of sealant over the top.  She also had 3 pinholes with one being quite leaky. They're all fixed now with Stormsure.

She's a tired old girl. Grip is really top heavy as I've had to lay it thick. Still going though! ❤️❤️❤️

Phileas is heading off now to stay a for a couple of months with Tom Way in South East Asia. Tom has no end of off-the-beaten-track spots in his little black book so it's gonna be great to see what he gets!