More from Canada

The stuff coming from Graham Gidden is making me insanely envious. This part of the world is now firmly on my to-do list. Here's what Graham had to say:

Was at the beach today and dragged along the only other matter in Canada with me so I could get some action shots. The shots are of our day at a few different spots. Willie took out Phileas and had some great rides. 

We both concurred that we could use some more volume since we are both six feet tall or more and 220 lbs [Ed: Phileas is scaled to a rider around 5' 10"], but we do love the responsive ride and grip. 

I let Willie hold on to Phileas as he will be at the beach over the next few weeks every other day so maybe he will manage some shots. 

Great stuff. So glad to see her getting so much water time in such beautiful surroundings. I've asked Graham to ensure that Willie adds his art work. 

Stay tuned!


PS. Graham has sent a stack of shots so I've stuck them in a galery: