Matt's Scary Artwork!

One last word from Matt Herman with a shot of his scary looking artwork on Phileas. 

Matt has gone a bit sharky and says:

It seem appropriate considering my friend's recent run in with a shark on his kayak the other week, plus it's on the bottom of the the "Jaws" Liddle."

The story from his mate is here:  



The article even  says:

"A friend,  Mason Grimreeper saw it all from a short distance away..."

When that dude is around you know you've had a close shave! 

It's been a difficulttime of year for Phileas to hit Rincon and ideally, she'd stay around for a bit but she has a long journey ahead. She did actually get some nice waves with Matt but there was nobody around to film him.   


Still, she's had a great time. Video to come.