Stop off with Mr Mellor

Phileas has had a wee stop off with a man who is something of a hero of mine, John Mellor. 

For those who don't know John, he is a hugely talented shaper who has designed and built some astonishing surfcraft. An avid paipo rider, John builds some fascinating boards with hoop fins and mind bending rail shapes. I would highly recommend his interview with Bob Green over on 

Anyway, John sent me a late in the day email, slotting himself in as a little stop off on Phileas' trip from Santa Barbara up to Steiny in Santa Cruz. John only managed one surf, being a busy man.  In fact, John only managed one surf after a VERY long drive and basically describes floating around in a foggy haze. 

Oh, and he's a big ol' fella so he was floating around in a foggy haze on a mat that was too small for him and he STILL managed to get a shot. Well done mate!!!  Even in that state, John managed to dodge the sharks and get some artwork done.

And so it is that Phileas has hit the road again and is winging her way to Steiny. Thanks for the stop off John.



Photo: Simone Mellor