A Journey Starts with a Single Snip...

I've just finished building my 50th mat. As this is a milestone for me, I was keen to mark it in some way. Having seen the Single Fin Yellow film some time ago, I thought it might be fun to do a similar thing with this mat to say thanks to the wider mat community for the support I've been shown getting G-Mat off the ground. So with the plan to send her off around the world, this mat pretty much named herself.


I figured it would be good to keep a record of events, starting with the build itself.

My artwork getting the ball rolling.

I'm really excited by this project. Phileas is a Ute built to fit surfers around 5'10", but don't let that stop anyone. She is there to be ridden. As well as riding her, I'm really keen to see everyone involved contribute to the creative process and quite literally leave their mark on her before passing her on.  

It doesn't have to be fantastic because the collective end result will be incredibly special. I can't wait to see the end result!

I've left my contribution and as you can see, the bar isn't that high!

Anyway, I figured I should get things going and christen Phileas before sending her on. I kinda did, although the surf was absolutely appalling. We are having a terrrible summer so far in the UK but managed to get some wind bumps today.

As you see, I wasn't lying about the surf being horrendous! 

So then, what happens next? Well, the plan is for Phileas to head up to the Shetland Islands to visit Sean Stansfield in one of the most beautiful, quiet places on the planet. I'm really looking forward to the photos and any footage from that.

From there, overseas. Where exactly that starts is unclear as yet but I want to see Phileas hit every continent (perhaps barring Antarctica but lets not rule it out). When she's been everywhere, then back to the UK to tour around the UK crowd before coming back home. 

I can only imagine how she will look then!

G-Mat 50 - Phileas

So, I want to hear from people who would like to get involved. All I ask is for you to get photos and, if possible video, but definitely photos of where she is, who she's with and, if you can, shots of her being ridden.

Oh, we want to see your bit of art too!

Get in touch HERE

Bon voyage!!!