Pigmented Grip/Logos and Magic Dust...

I stuck a wee shot on Instagram a few days back but here's a bit more info on coloured deck grip. I put together a 70/70 Ute to test out my new pigments. 

G-Mat 84 (AKA "Winston")

I've given this mat a couple of go outs, just to test out the durability. Particularly as the cure time is extended with colour added. Basically, in terms of characteristics the sealants behave in exactly the same way as normal so I'm pretty stoked!

I've also added a new ingredient to my grip - "Magic Dust." This will hopefully increase the durability of the grip and doesn't affect the pliability.  Magic Dust also cures the common cold and gives your mat the power to fix global warming.

[NB Not all of the claims above are true]

Anyway, Winston is on the way to California to see if Mattitude can wear the drip off.