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Jungle Grip Surfmat

A little update on grip. First off, I've stopped using Sikaflex 11FC+. It's a good sealant and for people in the parts of the world where it's all you can get it's a good option for top-ups but my move to Puraflex 40 means it has become redundant.

Now on to other news. I mentioned a while back that UK DIY chain Screwfix were stocking Sikaflex EBT+. Good news for UK mat surfers because I personally think this is the best sealant for top-ups, whatever your base sealant. I don't know if Scewfix will export but if anyone outside the UK wants to have a go then here is the link:

You'll see that Screwfix are also stocking a wide range of colour too so EBT grip jobs are now available in black, white, grey, beige, brown and clear. Great news!

I'm really please with both of these sealants. They offer good grip, are resilient but not more resilient than a wetsuit (something has to give) and are both VoC free so reduce the environmental impact significantly.

G-Mat Nouveau Racer with Sikaflex EBT+ Clear Grip

G-Mat Nouveau Racer with Sikaflex EBT+ Clear Grip

Grip jobs can also be pigmented for those looking for other colours too of course.

Any questions please feel free to ask.