Wiggleworm. The bungee that never was...

G-Mat 64 (AKA "Wiggleworm")

I'm immensely proud to be able to say that I have just finished building a Ute for the genuinely heroic Scott Reeder. For more on why I say heroic, have a read of Scott's interview with UKMS.

 So then, on to the mat. Scott was pretty clear on what he wanted: a black decked, green bottomed 200/70 Ute. He also wanted a bungee at the nose.

All went well with the build and my new forest green 70 denier material is great, but I've recently re-stocked on stainless steel eyelets which are, inexplicably, razor sharp around the edges once fitted making them unusable for the leash fitting as they'll just push through the edge-lap and come out! Who the hell designed that!?

The first mat built with the new 70d taffeta

Anyway, I'm sure Scott will enjoy his decorative eyelet whilst terrorizing the San Diegan lineups on his new leash-free ride.  (If anyone knows of a good European based stockist who can supply sensible stainless steel eyelets than I'd be very excited to hear from you).

So, back to the bits that work, Scott's new mat has a mellow elastic rocker to help to project the mat off the bottom. The clue to this feature is in the name, using the elasticity of the bottom skin to create rocker at high inflation. This means that a slight rocker comes in to play when squeezing the rails on hard turns, but then springs back to being flat again on lower inflation to maximise speed on a flat plane.

Anyhoo, Scott has named her "Wiggleworm" which he tells me is because he likes the way G-Mats "wiggle" and also in homage to his wonderful wife Pam who he affectionately calls "Worm". 

Have fun Scott!



Elastic rocker comes into effect at high inflation