Clearing Out the Quiver

Although mats clearly don't take up much room, I'm letting one go from my quiver because she's just not getting a look in.

G-Mat 34 (AKA "Bongle")

Bongle has seen some action, having gone on loan to a few people in California for a while. She was built with a subtle rocker and has hooked rails and concave.

The Glider has now been superseded by the new Rubber Bucky design but is still a very good mat. It is really quick and super loose, having a slidy, skatie feel. 

This particular mat would suit an experienced mat surfer of 5' 10" - 6' 1" looking for a lively mat to make the most out of medium sized surf.

Bongle was built as part of a test of a change to my welding table and as a result one of the welds has a very slight wobble to it. This has gone as far as it ever will and certainly will not cause a problem or affect performance. Due to the wear on the I-beam weld I'm going to let this mat go for £90 plus shipping.

The grip is warn as I type this but I'll freshen it up before I ship it so that will be like new.



PS Here's Kendog on a mat of the same size and dims:

Kendog - Photo: Lance Smith