Holy Guacamole!

So then the orange deck, black deck, orange deck, black deck pattern continues with a black Ute built for Tim MacMurray who lives in Avocado country in the Northern bit of Southern/Southern bit of Central California. You know the bit... All them pointbreaks!

So then, on to the mat. She is called "Big Mac Avocado Hauler" in honour of how Tim makes his living. As metioned, BMAH is a Ute. She has is a 200/70 build with elastic rocker. The logo is in my interpretation of Avocado green (I think I've got close) with black Puraflex 40 grip. The grip is wrapped around the front corners to help Tim to keep hold of BMAH.

Ask any builder of surfcraft and they will tell you that every now and then they create something that they just don't want to let go and Big Mac Avocado Hauler is on of those. I'm really pleased with every aspect of this mat and she would be a perfect fit for me! If I manage to get back over to California, I'm definitely going to be badgering Tim for a ride.

Have fun Tim!