Off to Cali!

Hello there!

I’m off to California for a couple of weeks from Saturday so keen to hook up with people and maybe sort a couple of matmeets over there.

The time I was there I got a session in with ASB in tiny Rincon.


And the meet at Cottons was such a blast!

Our itinerary for this trip is:


Based in Carpinteria at Santa Miguel Campground from Sunday April 4th until Saturday 13th April.


Based in San Onofre at San Mateo Campground from Saturday 13th April until Friday 19th April.

Be good to to hook up for some sessions so give me a yell. Another matmeet would be great! Mike Janich is staying at the site over that week too! :)

In other news, I’ll be sending out an email to take a couple of custom orders over the next couple of weeks to get started when I’m back so keen an eye out if you’re on the list and if you’re not, HERE’S THE LINK.



Taking Custom Orders

Hello everyone!

I’m pleased to say that I am nearly at the end of my left over waiting list. As some might remember, my list got long to the point of being about 3-4 years and that was ridiculous! As a result, I had to cut it down to the longest waiters and I’m just working on the last two right now.

G-Mat 162 (AKA “Unity”) - After hours build for myself to take on my travels

G-Mat 162 (AKA “Unity”) - After hours build for myself to take on my travels

So, how am I going to avoid another long waiting list? I’m glad you ask! I have set up a mailing list and will email when I’m ready to build a mat or two. It is a matter of first come-first-served so I’ll vary the times to suit different time zones.

There is a new page on the site imaginatively called “Ordering a Mat” where you can sign up;

As I say, I’m working on a couple of customs now and am then going to do some 5 Star Generals and Bodybags for (with a trip to Cali in the mix for my Birthday) so the first email will go out in late spring.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support. I never cease to be blown away by the positive vibes I get from people!



PS The mat pictured is named Unity. She is a Nouveau Racer built after hours for myself to take to Cali. 😎