My material supplier has hooked me up with some different materials. These are an Oxford weave rather than the usual Taffeta. 

Each of these samples are a metre wide so enough for one skin each and a couple of I-beams or a bag.. They are:

1 x 70d navy blue. This is really nice, very pliable stuff which should make lovely bottom skins. 

1 x 70 burgundy. This has a weatherproof coating which prevents the material from absorbing water. Were this smooth it would increase hold but slow the mat. In this instance though, it has a rough texture which, in theory, should lead to less hold but a quicker mat. Perhaps it'll balance out and be exactly the same! Time will tell.

1 x 200d gold. That's right, gold! This is a 200d material although it feels notably lighter than most 200d material. It'll be a crime if the person who has a mat made from this doesn't call it "Bling Crosby"! 

1 x 200d airforce blue. This is the same as the gold.

1 x 200d grey. A heavier material more like the usual 200d material I've been using. This looks like it might have a weatherproofing so might not be suitable so will need some testing.

I'll need to do some tests but will be making mats with these over coming orders for people who are interested assuming these work out. Certainly nice to have some colour options without having to dye.