G-Mat 104 (AKA "Lupine")

This is a Ute built for Pam Reeder in San Diego. Pam has ridden a few G-Mats including Phileas, Wiggleworm (a mat I built for her late husband Scott) and a mat I built for my son, Joe which he passed on to Pam and Scott's son, Maz. 

Lupine is a 200/70 Ute with elastic rocker, pigmented Puraflex 40 grip and a Hestered valve.

This is a very similar mat to Wiggleworm but scaled to fit Pam so is MUCH smaller.

I was interested to hear how Pam named her mat.

Her name is "Lupine." 

Lupine is a California Wildflower. It grows abundantly in our yard because Scott spread the seeds a few years ago and in the spring the beautiful bluish/purple flowers return every year. They are gorgeous! (You will see them when you visit). 

I recently looked up the symbolism of the Lupine and thought it was perfect because riding mats was a key to my feeling better and accepting the future and building hope again. 

Here is what I found regarding the symbolism:

"The Lupine flower symbolizes happiness and brings one the inner strength to recover from trauma. The Lupine also brings the message that new opportunities are discovered when one finds the way to have a positive outlook."

Love, Pam

My family and I are heading over to Southern California at the end of March so I'm looking forward to hand delivering Lupine to Pam and seeing them both in action.