G-Mat 38 (AKA "Matilda")

G-Mat 38 (AKA "Matilda")

G-Mat 38 (AKA "Matilda")

Something of an experiment here...

Meet Matilda, a 200/70 G-Mat Ute:

Matilda features some beyond the norm features. First off, coloured grip, which has been done before by my friend and mentor Dale Solomonson using Vulkem, but I have tried using the stink-free Sikaflex. 

Next, some people have asked about designs on the bottom of mats... Tricky...

Dye can't do this in the right way because it bleeds. Also, the sealants used for the lettering on decks aren't suitable because they would seriously affect pliability and would feel like an anchor.

So, a foray into the world of spray paint. I wasn't entirely into the idea of this initially and time will tell whether this has worked or not. Right now, it isn't something I would really want to do again but it has given an interesting effect on the bottom of the mat one way or another.

So, we'll have to await feedback from whoever ends up with this mat but it'll certainly catch a few eyes, that's for sure!

Matilda is currently up for sale and being something of an experiment is available for:

£200 GBP plus shipping.

Please email me if you would like to be the one to break her in.



G-Mat 38 (AKA "Matilda") - Spray Paint!