The Ute

Right then, after some successful tests I'm please to unveil the complete all-rounder - The Ute.

G-Mat 33 (AKA "Blue Thunder")

G-Mat 33 (AKA "Blue Thunder")

I've built three of these to date in various weights of material with some subtle alterations length-wise and these have performed really well. The latest (above) is a 70/70 construction and is a more skittish and quicker ride than the two previous 200/70 incarnations, as you'd expect.

G-Mat 30 (AKA "Piping OTT")

G-Mat 27 (AKA "Jus d'Orange")

Both of those mats have had very good feedback.

So... The primary design points are that the Ute has a very subtle rail hook and a slight concave, giving it a fuller, flatter feel. In practice, this means that it has some of the down-the-line drive of the Bullet and the glide of the Glider. 

Of course, the top end/bottom end of more specialised designs will perform better but the Ute is the perfect mat for the one-mat-quiver,