The Mat with No Name

There was once a guy named Kerry. Kerry Burns to be exact.

Kerry once watched a movie named The Man with No Name and Kerry had a dream of a brown mat with white patterned grip to be something like that poncho... Something like it.

Of course, that grip needed to do the job of... erm... gripping! So we had to get creative. But with the deck looking so fancy, the big white expanse of the bottom looked like a big white bottom. It needed filling (please do know that these buns are accidental).

That's where Bryn came in.

Bryn Dampney is a super talented artist. Graphic Designer by profession, kneeboard shaper by passion and all-round waterman in the ocean. And I mean ALL round. We approached Bryn with the general theme - "It needs to look kinda Mexican?"

Bryn did the rest.... Amazing!!!

So Kerry is about to hook up with his Mat With No Name. A 200/70 wheezy Ubercat that is going to fly on those points around SB. If you're over there, keep an eye out for them!

Been a LOT of fun this one. Thanks to Kerry for the opportunity and thanks to Bryn for his genius.


PS For those who score custom mats, Bryn is available to add art to them.