Waiting List News

Hello all. 

First off, I want to wish everyone a happy new year. 

Secondly, I have a bit of news. I need to close the waiting list for  custom mats for a while so won't be able to take new orders.

People who have been waiting for a custom mat for a long time will already be aware but the waiting time for a Custom G-Mat is currently around 2 years! This is due to having a various and increased demands on my time plus just having a really long list! (and needing to resist the urge to sacrifice needed down time) 

I'm blown away by the demand but it is a long wait by anyone's standards and I can't give any clear time scales to people waiting. As a result, I am going to have to close the waiting list whilst I catch up.

Once I get the waiting list back under control then I can work out where I am and how to manage things. Maybe a first-come-first-served set-up. Anyway, that's something to think about down the line.

I will still be building 5 Star Generals and Bodybags for UK Mat Surfers periodically so you can still get hold of G-Mats.

Thanks for all the support and have a great 2018!