G-Mat 111 (AKA "Sea Shmoo")

I seem to be building a lot of black mats of late. And this one is the second with flashes of green.

I like this mat.

"Sea Shmoo" is a 200/70 Ute heading over to Jesse Tuesday in San Francisco. she's free rockered and is set up to handle a wide range of conditions. As you can see, the increasingly popular nose grip is in full effect. Jesse was keen not to get separated from his mat in some some of those river moth spots.

(All sounds pretty sharky to me...)

Jesse surfs with Jesse Witthoft so I'm really stoked at the thought of a pair of G-Mats showing the techie's what's what.

UK matter, Dan Lawrence travels to SF a bit so perhaps we'll see a mat meet.

Anyway, Jesse is out of town at the moment so Sea Shmoo is waiting at his Tattoo Shop for his return.

Baited breath...