G-Mat 108 (AKA "Felis Tubus Lapsus")

Here is Peter Misson's new Ubercat named Felis Tubus Lapsus. 

She is a 200/70 Ubercat with flat rocker to make the most of some of those French barrels that Pete is so keen on exploring.

Pete has gone for a Hestered valve, which is my personal favourite option these days. He has also gone for Puraflex 40 grip to make the most of its combined durability and pliability. 

So, Felis is with Pete as we speak but unfortunately, like much of Western Europe, the waves aren't. There be rumblings though... The waves are coming... 


UPDATE: 25/11/2016

Feedback from Pete:

"I think it's a magic mat. Just right for here [SW France], It's fast & really tracks well in hollow conditions & doesn't spin out in the shorebreak."