G-Mat 103 (AKA "Serenity")

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been working on a mat for AJ Goodwin. AJ is currently travelling around SE Asia with her husband Chris and has been riding mats for sometime, but struggled to find a good fit, being quite petite.

The obvious beauty of custom mats of course is that they fit. AJ was looking for an all rounder so a Ute was the obvious choice and Serenity was born.  Serenity has a 200 denier deck gripped with grey Sikaflex EBT and 70d I-beams and bottom skin. She is a free-breather and has a positive elastic rocker. 

From what I gather, AJ and Serenity should rendezvous in South Korea. I've tried to talk AJ in to taking a trip to the north to try some of those spots on Google Earth but she's having none of it!

Hope to see some pics in the future.