Not So Iron-Clad

This is a USS Monitor, a G-Mat Rubber bucky built for Carpinterian, Matt Herman.

Matt surfs the waves in the Santa Barbara region, which means points... Lots of points! The locals are also very open to exploring different ways to ride waves so it's a pretty great place to be a mat rider!

This mat has been named after the Iron Clad war ship. Monitor was a high performance, marine craft too, but that's where the similarities stop as G-Mat 122 isn't armour plated! She does have a 200 denier deck with Sikaflex EBT grip though to offer some stability (comparitively).

The original USS Monitor

The original USS Monitor

The Rubber Bucky design was developed with a lot of testing at Rincon so it kinda feels apt whenever I ship one over there. We know the design goes well in those waves!

It sounds like the US Pacific post is doing well for itself at the moment too so she should get her maiden voyage pretty soon!




UPDATE - 24/11/16

Stokes to hear from mat that Ironclad it going well for him. Matt says:

Literally just got out of water now- the mat is all speed.  The negative rocker just pulls you over the face of the steepest drops supper late, giving me tons of speed but also keeping me in the pocket. 

Thanks to @tate_larrick for permission to share the shot of Matt at Rincon.


PHOTO: Tate Larrick