G-Mat 88 (AKA "Eye Beam")

Well kids, it's been a long time since I've built one of these.  This is "Eye Beam", a 70/70 Flying Carpet built for UK Mat Surfers web guru, Bryn Dampney.

Bryn has a bit of a fetish for black and orange which we first saw when he had his first G-Mat, Bombina.  With that in mind, Bryn has gone for pigmented grip on Eye Beam's outer pontoons. I've used Sikaflex 11FC+ so nice and pliable with grit added to help out with the durability and traction when worn down. I've also left plenty of the deck uncovered as Bryn has fine tunes, water chess in mind for this mat.

Bryn made the decision to go for a Flying Carpet with summer in mind. Of course, sod's law means that this El Nino summer seems to be sending us some munting swells (not that we're moaning) but there are still plenty of small shapely days and no shortage of wind slop, so I'm sure Bryn will find something to get Eye Beam going in.

Slippy-slidiness doesn't mean this gal will shy away from a little more anyhoo.

Can't wait to see how she goes. 

Can't wait to have a go myself!