The Bullet is Dead... LONG LIVE THE UTE!

G-Mat Ute - 200/70

As people will be aware, I was keen to work towards an all-round mat that would be an option in almost any conditions. Following that train I recently developed the G-Mat Ute which certainly seemed to hit that spot. 

A few went out to various experienced mat riders and the feedback has been really positive.

For example:

I went faster yesterday on two different waves then I have ever gone before. On the blue mat [below]. I rode two waves almost a quarter mile each. Super winter spot I know of. Local knowledge in Southern California is worth gold.
No shit! Those that saw it commented and there were only five of us out. I can't tell you how fast that little fucker went but I was hauling ass. Two career waves in one session. Both about six feet, or double overhead to stand up surfers. Total strangers paddled up afterwards and commented.

G-Mat Ute 70/70

My personal experience has been the same, that the Ute really likes solid, sizable surf and making long drawn out turns. Oh, and it goes like a greased turd!

The thing is, that's the G-Mat Bullet''s job. But my experience is that the Ute actually does the Bullet's job for it, and better. It also beats the Bullet at the bottom end of it's range.

RIP the G-Mat Bullet

So where does that leave the Bullet?

Well... Redundant! 

It's not to say that anyone with a Bullet has a bad mat because the Bullet has performed well in all sorts of conditions and is a good mat, but it has been superseded.

The Bullet's slightly rounded corner is certainly something that could be looked at on the Ute, I have a Standard corner template called the "Tweener" (used on the Glider, Ute and Ubercat) and then the rounder Bullet corners...  

A little more maneuverable and a touch more hold at the expense of a little speed might be someone's bag. Custom is as it says!

PS Of course, any Bullet lovers can still have one for old time's sake. 

PPS COMING UP... The does the Ute leave the Flying Carpet?!