Lambeau & Bluey's Big Adventure

I received some great feedback from Henry Marfleet about a mat from my quiver; an Ubercat named "Lambeau".

Henry posted his feedback on the UK Mat Surfers forum and said the following:

"Got back last week from a 2 week holiday in west oz.

G-Mat 19 aka "Lambeau" hitched a ride with me, as it needed to get over to east oz, and thought it would be nice for it to get a taste of west oz.

Was in the water 2 hours after arriving in Perth, and because it was small and the spot was shallow reef took the fatty out, nice to be surfing in boardies for a change.

Then down to the south west of west oz around the Yallingup region, to surf some proper waves.
Grabbed Lambeau, and never looked back, poor sod had no rest up as I surfed it for the rest of my time over there .

Surfed a variety of reef breaks, handled the steep take-offs, loved the fast walls, and held nicely into the barrelling sections.

It was just as happy in the hollow beachies, was slightly worried that it would not want to track and stay in the barrels but no worries on that count, slipped and stayed into them perfectly."

Sounds like Henry's scored himself some pretty sweet waves!