New Model... The Glider

I managed to test out the newest addition to the range today in pretty sweet,  steep and hollow waves. The Glider is designed as the all-rounder (I considered calling it the Botham) and performed well on the smaller waves that came through, but also found some great speed lines in the bigger, steeper, racy waves that would normally be the preserve of more streamlined mats.

Most encouragingly, I traded with Scott, a local Paipo rider at the spot, who had never ridden a mat. He jumped straight on a 150 degree inflation and immediatly hooked into a screaming left, paddling back out with that look  on his face. He described the sensation as being "like making love to the wave". Great poetry...

Anyway, This is G-Mat 24 and I've called her "Merrick". More info on what's what with the Glider here.